12 Top Exercises To Effectively Shape Your Body

Everyone wants to have a perfect butt which will make them look better in the tight skinny jeans. In the list below, you can check the best and most effective exercises for perfect-looking butt. All you have to do is to exercise regularly and make these amazing workouts your weekly routine.

  1. Flutter Kicks – It’s ideal for targeting the two body parts that all women want to shape up and keep toned-the abs and the glutes. Lay flat on your back and raise your legs off the ground to about 45 degrees, push one up as you lower the other down.
  2. Hip Thrusters – Place a pad between your body and the bar in order to reduce the discomfort that this exercise can cause. You should seat on the ground with a bench placed behind you. Then, put a weight barbell over your pelvis. Try to roll the bar directly above your hips and lean back against the bench. Keep your shoulder blades near the top of it.
  3. Deep Squats – Use only your bodyweight for doing squats and we recommend you to go as low as you can while keeping your back straight. This is how you ensure maximum glute activation. You shoulder should be width and the stance slight, your spine should be as straight as possible while lowering down.
  4. Side Leg Lifts – Lie on your side and then, lift one leg up. Slowly bring the leg almost all the way down. Switch to the other one. This exercise is excellent for hitting some of the smaller muscles of the legs and also for the glutes.
  5. Cossack Lunges – With this exercise you will improve your balance and flexibility as well. Start with your legs a couple of feet wider than shoulder-width apart, and then lift your weight to one side as you squat down on that leg. You have to keep the other leg straight. Point the toes of the straight leg upwards after you reach the bottom position. Repeat the same on the other side.
  6. Step-Ups – By exercising this you will provide great cardio workout and you will also activate the glutes. All you need is a platform which has to be a bit higher than your knees. Start with a lower platform so that you gradually get comfortable with the move.
  7. Pile Squats – Point your toes outwards and take a wide stance. Bend your knees in the direction of the toes and when you reach a position in which you are unable to see the toes, stand up slowly.
  8. Fire Hydrants – This is perfect practice for opening up the hips. This is how you will strengthen your glutes and some smaller muscles in the legs, and you will improve the mobility. Start with a kneeling position and after that, raise one leg to the side, keeping a 90 degrees knee bend. Rotate the hip in order to make the exercise tougher and more challenging making small circles at first and then wide swooping circles.
  9. Gluteal Squeezes – Lie on your back on the floor and raise your hips to the ceiling by tensing the glute muscles. Hold this position for about three seconds, and after that repeat.
  10. Horse Stance – This is how you will build size in the thighs and the glutes as well as to build some strength in the same parts. First, stand straight, and open up your normal stance about a foot or two beyond shoulder-width on both sides. After that, squat down slowly, similarly to the movement when you are going to sit back in the chair. Keep your thighs parallel for about 15-30 seconds and gradually increase the period over time.
  11. Bridges – Point your knees upwards while you lie on your back, and plant your feet on the ground. Raise your butt off the floor until only your head, shoulders and feet are touching the floor. Squeeze the glutes hard at the top of the move and push your hips as high up as you can.
  12. Rear Leg Lifts – Kneel on your knees and forearms. Lift one leg off the floor and push the foot toward the ceiling. Slowly bring the back and then alternate between legs. Feel free to add some ankle weights to it, as you get stronger and you wish to make the exercise more difficult.

Source: Healthy Life Land

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