People who have proper and regular workout and are addicted of fitness know that planking is one of the most important exercise that should be done in order to burn fat, get well shaped body, more strength and abs. it is one of the most beneficial exercises. Even some people are sceptics about it, here is the real truth.


The science of planking

As we mentioned, it is one of the most beneficial exercises, since it has effects on the entire body. It is god for the abs, arms, shoulders, back, legs and so on. If you perform it regularly it is more than possible that you are going to improve your mental skills and lower the pressure on your emotional side and you will eliminate stress. You can also make side, reverse, roving or regular planks. All of them are beneficial and compared with other recommended exercises they are one of the best. Planks activate the body and prevent from some diseases and pains. The core is one of the most activated parts in making this exercise since it has to maintain balance and provide enough strength for the body.


Are there any drawbacks?

Some people thought that this exercise is not good at all since it may provoke some side-effects. There are also other exercises that are good for the whole body and making abs, such as sits-ups, crunches, leg raises etc. but none of them can activate the body as the plank can. Not also ordinary people, but the same opinion is shared by some doctors and experts too. They think that planks can be dangerous. They claim that they had cases of people who got injured or got inflammation or other dangerous consequences because of the improper plank. Another side-effect is that this can be dangerous for people who have high blood pressure or problems with lower back or spine.

If you want to make it then consult with professional that can help you and change the difficulty level. As you make progress you can go step forward. But for it time is required.


How effective is the plank, really?

As we mentioned already, planks have their pros and cons. From one side they are good for the muscles, body strength and core. They are good for the body shape, better form of the legs, arms and abs and burning calories.

Disadvantage can be the fact that your progress will remain unchanged. To increase it you need to switch to more advanced or higher level or version of the planks as you get stronger.

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